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39th International Lettering Arts Conference

By July 6, 2021 August 31st, 2021 No Comments

A two‑day online workshop entitled Loosening up with Calligraphy and Paint

The desire for more spontaneity and freedom in our calligraphic creations and painted backgrounds does not necessarily imply an “anything goes” approach. Successful artworks often depend upon various elements all coming together nicely to create unity: line, colour, movement, and composition. Working with subtle nuances and strong contrasts, we can balance the two opposing energies of chaos and structure to find ways of expressing our individual concepts. Let’s consider our written words as an integral part of the visual process and composition, right from the initial concept. The goal is to develop confidence, explore meaningful content and acquire greater artistic freedom in our calligraphic artwork.
The reality of teaching art online:
what the students see as in‑class demos… and what the instructor’s workspace looks like at the end of a teaching day!